15 Crazy Pepsi Existed in Japan (2006-2017)

crazy pepsi Japan

Innovative Japanese people invented a variety of Pepsi flavours! Let’s check it out these crazy flavours and look forward to the next innovation!

1. Pepsi Red ペプシレッド (2006)

Year released: November 2006

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: spicy ginger

Pepsi red was released alongside with Pepsi gold, which had a mild ginger taste.

2. Pepsi Gold ペプシゴールド (2006)

Year released: November 2006

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: mild ginger

Pepsi gold was released alongside with Pepsi red, which had a spicier ginger taste than this one.

3. Ice Cucumber Pepsi キュウリ味のペプシ (2007)

Year invented: Summer 2007

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: ice cucumber

Iced cucumber Pepsi carried a subtle taste of cucumber. This flavour was invented for the summer. “We wanted a flavor that makes people think of keeping cool in the summer heat. We thought the cucumber was just perfect”, said one Pepsi Japan spokesman.

4. Pepsi Blue Hawaii ペプシブルーハワイ (2008)

Year released: Summer 2008

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: Pineapple and Lemon

Pepsi blue hawaii seemed a very “beachy” drink to start the summer. Some stated it tasted artificially sweet.

5. Pepsi White ペプシホワイト (2008)

Year released: Winter 2008

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: yoghurt

Pepsi white looked slightly milky white. There were two releases after this with a mandarin orange flavour (2012) and light citrus flavour (2015).

6. Azuki Pepsi 小豆味のペプシ (2009)

Year released: October 2009

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: red bean

Azuki means red bean, which is a popular flavour for Japanese sweets. Some reviewed that it tasted like jasmine and red bean.

7. Pepsi Shiso ペプシしそ (2009)

Year released: Summer 2009

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: shiso

Shiso is a kind of herb from the mint family. It is commonly used to garnish fish, tempura, rice, soup and etc. It carried a herbal sweetness with a hint of tanginess.

8. Pepsi Baobab ペプシバオバブ (2010)

Year released: May 2010

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: Baobab tree fruit

Pepsi baobab was in golden colour and carried a very citrusy taste.

9. Pepsi Mont Blanc ペプシモンブラン (2010)

Year released: October 2010

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: mont blanc

Mont Blanc is one of the popular French chestnut dessert in Japan. It carried a mixed flavours of bitter chestnut, vanilla and chocolate.

10. Pepsi Pink ペプシピンク (2011)

Year released: November 2011 and 2014

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: strawberry Milk

Pepsi pink carried a creamy taste, the flavour was a little similar to Pepsi christmas released in 2017 but in different colour.

11. Salty Watermelon Pepsi 塩スイカ味のペプシ (2012)

Year released: Summer 2012

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: salty watermelon

Salty watermelon Pepsi was created for the summer. Watermelon is a popular fruit in the summer in Japan, and salt and watermelon is a common combination in Japan.

12. Pepsi Ghost ペプシごースト (2015)

Year released: October 2015

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: 14 unidentified mysterious flavours

There were 14 unidentified mysterious flavours with a variance of Halloween labels. You will not know what you get until you had tried them, what a surprising drink!

13. Pepsi Sakura ペプシ桜 (2016)

Year released: March 2016

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: sakura

Sakura means cherry blossom. Pepsi sakura was in bright pink, however it tasted closer to a cherry flavour from some of the reviews.

14. Pepsi Halloween ペプシハロウィン (2017)

Year released: October 2017

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: sweet cheery and bubblegum

Pepsi Halloween resembled the flavour of Pepsi sakura which was released a year before.

15. Pepsi Christmas ペプシクリスマス (2017)

Year released: November 2017

Satus: discontinue

Flavour: whipped cream and strawberry

Pepsi Christmas resembled the taste of Japanese traditional christmas cake, which is the strawberry cake.

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Japanese Vocabularies

  1. Kyuuri きゅうり = cucumber
  2. Azuki 小豆(あずき)= red bean
  3. Shiso しそ = A kind of herb from the mint family that is commonly used to garnish soup, tempura, rice and etc
  4. Shio 塩(しお)= salt
  5. Suika スイカ = watermelon
  6. Sakura 桜(さくら)= cherry blossom