6 Strange Japanese Lemonade and Where to Find Them

strange Japanese lemonade

Love coke? Love lemonade? What about these strange and savoury flavours of coke and lemonade?

1. Unagi Cola 鰻コーラ

Unagi means eel. Unagi cola is a cola drink made with eel extract. Salty and fishy fizzy drink? Yay or nay?

photo credit: ameblo.jp

2. Curry Lemonade カレーラムネ

Yummy curry and refreshing lemonade? How about curry lemonade? This might be a perfect combination of both savoury and sweet flavours?

3. Wasabi Lemonade わさびラムネ

Wasabi is also known as Japanese horseradish. Generally wasabi is grated into green paste as a condiment for sushi, sashimi and so on. Feel the hit of heat of wasabi with this lemonade drink!

4. Takoyaki Lemonade たこ焼きラムネ

Tako means Octopus in Japanese. Yaki means grill (cooked over direct heat). Takoyaki literally means grilled octopus balls. Takoyaki is one of the popular Japanese street food in Japan. If you love to eat takoyaki, maybe you would like to “drink” takoyaki too?

photo credit: www.shopch.jp/

5. Spicy Oil Lemonade ラー油ラムネ

Spicy oil is a condiment originated in China, which is to serve with gyoza, soup and etc. A spicy lemonade, could you imagine?

6. Kimchi Lemonade キムチラムネ

Kimchi is a Korean dish which literally means pickled cabbage. Kimchi tastes spicy and sour. It carries a strong and unique fermented smell that is not easy for everyone to accept. Are you a kimchi lover? Tell me if you like it after you have tried!

Where to Find Them (Shimizu Lemonade Museum)

These lemonades are available in Shimizu lemonade museum located in Shizuoka Prefecture. In the museum you will learn about the history of lemonade in Japan and get to know different flavours of lemonade. A wide variety of lemonades, souvenirs and lemonade glass marble are being sold there. (Lemonade glass marble was invented during the old times because back then the sealing technology of bottles were not quite advanced yet, so they invented the glass marble to be put at the neck of the bottle to prevent gas from going in and out.)

Below are some of the details of Shimizu Lemonade Museum, check out the official website for more information:

Address in English1F SHIMIZU IRIFUNE-DORI S-Pulse Dream Plaza, 13-15 Irifune-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka
Address in Japanese静岡県静岡市清水区入船町13-15, エスパルスドリームプラザ 1F 清水いりふね通り
Contact Number+81 054-376-6181
Opening Hours10am to 8pm everyday
Payment MethodCash only
Language MediumJapanese
Official Websitehttp://www.dream-plaza.co.jp/shop/detail.php/81

But don’t worry if you are not in Japan now or going to Japan soon, you can still get them on some online global stores!

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Japanese Vocabularies

  1. Ramune ラムネ = lemonade
  2. Unagi 鰻(うなぎ)= eel (fish)
  3. Kare カレー = curry
  4. Wasabi わさび = green paste in grated form used for condiment for sushi, sashimi, and so on
  5. La yu ラー油(らーゆう)= spicy oil
  6. Kimchi キムチ = kimchi